Planting the seeds for a greener future

We have identified the significant environmental impact of activities, products, and services
within the context of our business, and determined controls to reduce these impacts to a reasonable level.
We are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and continually improving our
environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods with regular
review points, and we encourage employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to do the same.

Our objectives and targets programme has been set based on the following environmental aims:

Objective: Comply with and
exceed all relevant legal and
regulatory requirements.

Action: We have safeguarded our
ISO 14001 Environmental
Management Systems
certification for a further
three-year period, ensuring
compliance with all relevant and
regulatory requirements.

Objective: Minimise any negative impact
on the local environment and where
possible to improve it.

Action: We have implemented a waste recycling
system and purchased new bins to help withsegregation
and enable efficient waste sorting, recycling, and minimisation.

Objective: Incorporate environmental
factors into business decisions.

Action: Our Senior Leadership Team
receives regular updates regarding any
Environmental Management Systems
improvements, which are
actioned accordingly.

Objective: Minimise our effect
on global warming and air pollution.

Action: We operate without generating any gas
emissions, relying solely on electricity to power our
facilities. Our energy-efficient practices include the use
of LED lights and motion sensors. Additionally, we conduct
regular maintenance on our Heating, Ventilation,
and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

Objective: Ensure equipment related to the
working environment is regularly maintained.

Action: Our Facilities Team oversees and
performs regular environmental reviews
with maintenance contractors.

Objective: Continually improve and monitor environmental
performance and environmental impacts.

Action: Our ESG team regularly monitor our environmental
performance and impact using a CO2 calculator.
Sustainable invoice processing practices, along with weekly
sub-meter readings are also performed.

Objective: Increase employee awareness and training.

Action: We distribute regular internal and external communications
encouraging employees to implement and promote sustainable
practices both in and out of the workplace. This includes
celebrating and championing various green agendas,
including awareness days such as
World Environment Day and local
environmental charities.

Objective: Maximise the opportunity for recycling.

Action: We operate a recycling system through
Douglas Borough Council and have recently
implemented new recycling collections for
glass and metal waste.

Objective: Work with suppliers that adhere and aspire to the
same Environmental Management System principles.

Action: Together with our suppliers, we've swapped plastic
lunch boxes and single-use coffee cups for sustainable
alternatives such as eco-friendly bamboo mugs,
reducing our plastic footprint with
every meal and coffee break.

This pledge is an extension of our statement of intent
and supports our environmental management system.
It will be reviewed regularly and updated where appropriate.

At Microgaming we’re lucky enough to call our home a UNESCO Biosphere - with the Isle of Man being
the only entire nation in the world to hold this designation. As a proud UNESCO Biosphere Partner, both
Microgaming and its people have pledged to protect natural resources, engage with local communities
through volunteering and fundraising efforts and make a positive environmental impact where possible.
The Microgaming PlayItForward programme demonstrates this continued commitment and has
supported a number of planet projects in recent years, including:

A Recycle Collect comfort fund, which gives individuals on
lower incomes free access to recycling collection services

The development of a micro forest in the south of the Isle of Man

Numerous Manx Wildlife Trust initiatives including a major seagrass research scheme
and several projects supporting the conservation of puffins, hedgehogs, and sharks

Championing the use of recyclable materials at major industry events such as ICE.
In 2020, 80% of our ICE stand was made from previous builds, with any remaining materials recycled
or donated to local causes - including our carpet, which was gifted to a local doggy day care charity!

To find out more about how we're planting the seeds for a greener future, visit Microgaming PlayItForward.

Green credentials

Microgaming reached a major green milestone in 2020 when we
secured the ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management
As part of our organisation-wide sustainability pledge, every
member on our entire campus pledged to become an ‘eco warrior’ in
a bid to achieve the award.

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