Our pillars

Together, we’re driven to deliver market-leading, responsible, robust, and adaptable casino platforms and sportsbook product - and that means going beyond our technology platform and supporting the continued and sustainable growth of our customers, doing all that we can to support their individual success stories.

To deliver on this vision, we stand by four purpose pillars which act as the foundation for Microgaming’s unique culture and service offering:

Our values

At Microgaming, we have a diverse and innovative culture where our people demonstrate agility, integrity, and unity.

Agility - As a founder and pioneer
of technology within the industry,
we have a persistent desire to be
at the top of our game. This means
embracing evolution and acting
on the opportunities it brings.

Integrity - With a continued drive to act honestly and respectfully, we do what is right for our customers, colleagues, community, and partners.

Unity - By combining individual strengths, we can tackle complex problems more effectively and generate innovative solutions. Collaboration promotes synergy, fosters creativity, and encourages mutual support - fuelling success.