Unlock the magic of augmented reality!

1. Install our augmented reality app via one of the links below.

2. Open the app, select ‘Play’ and then point your device camera at one of the cards below to bring the featured game character to life.

3. There are 13 cards in total: Jungle Jim (J♠) from his El Dorado adventure; Gobble (Q♣), Flint (Q♠), Frost (Q♥) and Switch (Q♦) from Dragonz; Captain Bronzebeard (A♦) and Scarlett (A♥) from the Great Galaxy Grab; the Black Knight (A♠) and King Arthur (A♣) from Avalon II; and Zeus (K♣), Medusa (K♥), Hades (K♦) and Cerberus (K♠) from Hot As Hades.

Click or tap to download: