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As the world’s leading supplier of online gaming software, Microgaming upholds the highest standards of social responsibility.

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Our products and platforms are supported by a comprehensive range of services to keep Microgaming and Quickfire operators ahead of the competition.



We provide our operators with a selection of marketing tools to promote and manage their online casinos.

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Using automatic triggers to group players, operators can achieve a range of marketing objectives by targeting inactive, lapsed, VIP and high-risk players with tailored offers, reminders and incentives.

Bonuses and loyalty systems are managed intelligently at every level, and in-game promotions can be communicated to players in real time based on predefined criteria. We also support player acquisition, retention and reactivation in the form of free game offers whose rewards include standard winnings, free spins, extra coins, additional lines, loyalty points and bonus money.



When it comes to managing risk, chat and network gaming, our management software puts operators in the driving seat.

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Player Communication Manager (PCM) tracks casino players and provides them with assistance when needed, particularly in the areas of registration and banking. The tool can also be used to improve conversion rates and maximise lifetime value, making it an invaluable asset for operators.

In addition to a comprehensive network management schedule, we support each of our operators with powerful management platforms that focus on integration, player acquisition and retention, multi-product incentives, business intelligence, and real-time targeted segmentation.

Managed Services


Our trusted third parties offer professional managed services that focus on the acquisition, conversion and retention of players.

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A comprehensive affiliate system provides our customers with access to a world of opportunities. Services aim to optimise operator campaigns, improve conversions, enhance search engine optimisation, and maximise return on advertising spend.


Promotions and VIP management, website analysis, behaviour-driven customer segmentation and targeting, and optimisation of payment acceptance rates are crucial to turning clicks into registrations. We can assist our customers in each of these important areas.

Retention Services

Customer retention is critical to the long-term health of our customers, who are able to benefit from acquisition analysis, customer segmentation and targeting, website maintenance, full tournament support, customer promotions and communications, and anti-fraud and collusion rule management.

Security & Support


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System Security

When it comes to security, we leave nothing to chance.Permissions and limits are controlled by a comprehensive and fully customisable security system, and operators can access all relevant data in real time.


Our Support Desk is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trained to provide a personalised service for operators, our support teams are able to perform proactive monitoring and maintenance. Working to minimise downtime even at peak periods, we respond to all support calls within 15 minutes.

Central Fraud and Collusion

Fraud and collusion are anathema to us, our operators and their players, which is why our world-class security experts work day and night to prevent fraudulent activity by monitoring every second of gameplay.

Payment Services


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Payment Management

Using our sophisticated banking and payments system, which tracks all player deposits and withdrawals, operators can manage every penny that passes through their books.

Payment Services

Our commercial partners are able to assist operators with the formulation and execution of a global payment strategy. And our simplified software can assist them further by processing first-tier international service providers.