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As the world’s leading supplier of online gaming software, Microgaming upholds the highest standards of social responsibility.

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What’s the recipe for our success?

We use a dash of art, pinch of mathematics and sprinkle of experience. Prepared by the most creative cooks in the industry and served using the latest, most advanced technology, our creations include lashings of imagination.

Read on for a taste of how we do what we do.


How we do it

We are proud to operate at the pinnacle of our industry, having developed award-winning games and software in languages such as .NET, C++, C#, Java, Adobe Flash and HTML5 for platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Whatever the requirement, we have the solution.

Our Download and Flash platforms utilise the latest technologies to provide an outstanding gaming experience for as wide a selection of players as possible.

Flash Casino

Options exist for everyone. Players using high-spec machines and high-speed broadband connections can play our latest games at the optimal settings, while those using lesser machines and slower connections can enjoy the same great games but at a modified technical output. The result is that players receive the richest possible gaming experience at all times, irrespective of hardware or location.

Built using the latest versions of Adobe Flash and Microsoft .NET, our Flash client system is robust, reliable and resilient. It delivers the fullest, most interactive player experience, and it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Developing in ActionScript 3 has enabled us to produce genre-defining blockbusters such as Thunderstruck II, Jurassic Park™ and Avalon II. These titles represent the best in online gaming, benefiting from cutting-edge graphics, immersive gameplay and captivating audio.

Server Room Network Cables
“Download and install
to start playing”
Download Casino

Our Download client integrates with the latest versions of Windows to provide a one-stop solution for players. Download Casino does not require users to install a supporting framework or programming model such as Microsoft’s .NET Framework, so all players need do is download and install a single piece of software to start playing.

Developed in C++ using the latest libraries, and owing to the complexity and scalability of its design, our download client provides a comprehensive experience for players, who are able to track their gameplay and perform account maintenance. The software’s integrated marketing features, which are managed through the back office, present operators with a host of options to target individuals and groups of players.

“Responsible for all
gaming logic”
Service Layer

The kernel responsible for our entire gaming logic is known as an RNG (Random Number Generator). Our RNG was set more than a decade ago, and over the years it has been checked and approved by the leading accredited testing agencies. 

Responsible for all gaming logic, the RNG provides a secure gaming environment that acts as a separate layer of security, ensuring that systems are further protected from attack and tampering. Capable of millions of daily transactions, our infrastructure is highly scalable and can handle a high volume of logins and large-scale promotions.

“Seamless integration
and hassle-free deployment”

In Quickfire we have developed a platform that allows our gaming catalogue to integrate with any external player account system. The platform of choice for operators who want immediate access to the best content on desktop and mobile, Quickfire facilitates rapid development, seamless integration and hassle-free deployment.

C++, C#, .NET and Java are the technologies we use to create an open platform that allows gaming content developed by third-party providers to be easily integrated with our system. Such content is fully compatible with all of our business tools and back office products via Microgaming Integration Layers.

Generic Game Services

Our interface allows third parties to develop game logic and maths models that can be utilised through our systems.


Our Extended Third Party Interface allows independently developed game content and service maths models to be integrated with our account system.

Game Design

We offer something for everyone; our award-winning games are designed by teams of talented individuals to appeal to different people with different tastes. At the heart of each build is a focus on quality, originality and playability that borders on the obsessive; our meticulous approach to design, development and testing ensures an unparalleled gaming experience for players.

Our portfolio is the largest and most diverse in online gaming, and we release content on every platform to give players the opportunity to play whenever and wherever they want.

Deployed in key global positions, our highly skilled design teams follow a creative process that turns ideas into some of the greatest games in our industry. And it all begins on paper.

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